How to stay productive while working on computer

So how to stay productive ?

Things to do to stay productive:

  1. Create more than you consume. If you apply this rule to your life, when you can achieve great results.
  2. Don’t be connected to internet always. If you working with excel, word or etc. you dont need internet at that particular time.
  3. Use social networks only for business purposes. Otherwise social networks uses you.
  4. Switch your phone to airplane mode.Use no gsm, no wifi, no 3g.
  5. Switch every program you work with to full screen mode. Full screen mode makes you less distracted while working and stay productive.
  6. For work on internet use Mozilla Firefox browser and AdBlock Edge plugin. Mozilla Firefox is highly configurable cross platform internet browser, and Adblock Edge it’s is plugin to block adds on internet pages and that makes you less distracted.
  7. Shut down any im clients when you do not need them. IM clients i think are most distractive thing on comnputer. Dont use skype it is full of ads, instead use skype app (if you using Windows 8).
  8. Dont check email on browser.  Better set up open source cross platform e-mail client like Mozilla thunderbird.
  9. If you really need im client to work use Pidgin. Pidgin is cross platform,  open source, free from ads im client with multiple accounts support (facebook, aim, google and more).
  10. Disable any autorun  programs you dont need. Autorun programs programs that runs when you computer starts (adobe flash player autoupdates, registry scanners and other), beter update and scan manually or set up special shedule.
  11. Connect earphones to computer and listen some music. That helps to avoid noise from environment.
  12. Don’t eat or drink anything. Do it than it will be time or you will be finished with work.

These tips will help you stay productive while working with computer.

Do you want to add something? Feel free to post a comment :)


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